We're here to help you accquire the art you want and to assist in the sale of pieces from your own collection. If you're interested in decorative and/or collectable art, Lewis & Bond will provide you with just what you're looking for at prices well below retail. Interested in acquiring blue chip art, the works of the masters? We'd be happy to search for you. If by chance, we're not expert on the genre of your interest, we'll know who is. Serious or simply curious about a particular piece of art or artist? Or considering the sale of a piece from your collection? Give us a call or send your request for information through our inquiry form. (505-470-7200, e-mail sales@lewisbond.com). We look forward to working with you.

Patrick Lewis - Entrepreneur and occasional computer wizard, Patrick has been in the art business assisting private collectors for over fifteen years. Patrick has owned galleries, been the director of others, represented artists, hung art, swept floors, and weathered the art business ups and downs. His personal areas of interest and expertise are the illustrators, especially Norman Rockwell, and mid to late nineteenth century American artists. Familiar with modern commercial and contemporary artists, Patrick is ready to help you buy (or sell) the art of your interest.

Ingrid Bond - Artist and marketing whiz, Ingrid's background has been in the area of start-ups and expansion of corporate sales and marketing efforts. Having enjoyed active exposure to the Washington, D.C. cultural scene for a number of years, and possessing strong artistic yearnings, she now enters the phase of life where the question "What am I doing this for? Where is this taking me?" is starting to be answered. In the Lewis & Bond partnership she integrates her marketing and business skills with her love for art and the joy it brings those exposed to it.