How Can You Sell Your Art??

Place an ad on our classified art for sale web site and list your art on the www.

List your art with a color photo in our Classifed page for only $65 for three months (or $45 without photo). Use your phone number (and/or e-mail address) or for 10% of the selling price, use ArtBuys phone number and we'll help sell your art for you! (See below for rates on multiple listings).

Your listing will include the artist's name, title of work, medium and size, retail value and asking price (including a color photo if you wish). What is the retail value of your work? Give us a call and we'll help determine the retail value as well as the price most likely to sell your artwork.

Compare a one week listing in a newspaper ($35 - $100 in most major publications), and then give us a call! For a little over $5.00 a week you can have your work on the internet with a global circulation, and a color photo!

Give us a call at 505-470-7200, or email at, , or fill in our inquiry form and let us know what art you have to sell!

Multiple listings:
With photo: 2 listings = $117, 3 listings = $156
With out photo: 2 listings = $81, 3 listings = $108.
Call or email for more than 3 listings
Place an ad with our ad placement form.