Illuminations by Bob Byerley

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This is what Bob Byerley has to say about the creation of his "Illuminations"...

My wife Alice came up with the initial idea and concept. She suggested to me that we might combine, in mixed media format, the older, sold out images of my paintings, with an Art Nouveau style of highly decorative borders. We would use the Art nouveau style of Alphonse Mucha with its use of flat planes of color and black curvilinear outlines. We felt that this particular style of border, combined with the soft realism of my paintings would create an exciting new art form.

I chose four of my sold out images; four of my personal favorites, to begin our new project: "creation", "Jackpot", "Invitation to Flight", and "Newborn Child". I designed each decorative border to relate, in a design sense, to the essence of feeling of each individual painting.

The name that we chose for our new product is "Illuminations". The word is actually an old calligraphy term. Centuries ago, when monks meticulously copied manuscripts by hand they would select the first

word of a page and decorate that letter in a very ornate, highly decorative style . They would draw the letter large and perhaps add an ornate border of flowers and cherubs to enhance or beautify it. This large decorative letter was known as an illumination and many man-hours of labor were spent to create it.

We feel that the economical price of the Illuminations and two sizes offered, will afford many of our new collectors a chance to join us in the Byerley Family Program.

An Invitation to Flight
A Newborn Child