Chiu Tak Hak...

Since their 1995 introduction in the United States, the colorful storefronts and moody Parisian streets of Chiu Tak Hak's paintings have captured the interest and imagination of hundreds of fine art collectors. The overwhelming demand for Chiu's art has resulted in sold-out exhibitions in Aspen, Colo., as well as a waiting list of collectors, eager to acquire his works.

The appeal of Chiu's paintings stems from their ability to engage the viewer's imagination. The artists purposefully selects as his subjects deserted cafes, boutiques, buildings and streets that strike a nostalgic chord. These are settings that have a story to tell, but it is left to the viewer to write.

A self taught artist from Canton, China, Chiu originally gained recognition in Hong Kong for his abstract works. Following his 1972 move to Paris, the artist began experimenting with different styles, finally settling into realism in the early 1980s. This style allowed him to preserve , at least on canvas, what he describes as Paris' "dying past." Prior to his U.S. debut, these paintings gained Chiu recognition at exhibits in Germany, Paris and Hong Kong, along with top prizes at several of France's premiere salons.

These prints are of a series of Chiu's most popular works being offered in a limited-edition format. Each piece is created using highly sophisticated technology that accurately captures the feeling and nuances of the original art. These hand-signed editions are designed to meet the ever-growing demand for Chiu's work and to allow his art to be enjoyed by and even greater number of collectors.