Alexandra Nechita - Availability and Prices

Title  Framed   Size  Retail Price 
Brave in the Attempt yes   $1,740
Because You Love yes   $5,010 
Earth is a Planet no   $1,400 
From My Heart to Your Heart yes   $7,200 
Geometric Look yes   $7,720
Kaleidoscope no   $3,750 
Kaleidoscope yes    $4,200 
My Torch Shall Guide yes    $1,820 
My Torch Shall Guide no    $1,400 
Sharing Moments yes   $6,970 
Sharing Moments no    $6,500 
True Love yes    $4,900 
Vegitarian Thoughts no   $4,000 
Skyline yes    $3,835 
Spring Love no    $3,000 
Victorious Spirit no    $1,400 
Winning Together no    $1,400 
No Bridge Too Far no    $1,400