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Some of Alexandra Nechita's finest work can be seen in her limited editions. Her talent, creativity and passion are obvious when you look at these remarkable lithographs.

Many people feel that she is divinely inspired. In Whoopi Goldberg's opinion, "The thumbprint of The Great One is on her." Sharing her belief in a spiritual connection, Alexandra recently affirmed, "I know that I am surrounded by angels when I paint." Growing up in a loving family that understands and appreciates her extraordinary gifts, Alexandra enjoys the benefits of a stable and happy home. "I am like all other kids, except that I choose to paint in my free time," she observes.

The stunning power of her work is immediate when one focuses on any of these lithographs for as little as 60 seconds. Like other great art, Alexandra's art unveils itself in several stages as a mystery in the process of being solved. The strength of her expression lies in the remarkable synergy of three important elements: narrative, composition and color. First, her narrative reveals the link between her personal experience and more expansive themes such as love, peace and understanding. Second, her complex compositions invite us back again and again to discover new delights in the forms of semi-abstract figures moving with an energetic flow as they interact with fragmented planes of space. Third, Alexandra's challenging color palette forces us to pay attention to each piece. The colors almost reach out and grab us. Throughout each work, her happy, harmonious colors are vibrant, exciting and emotional.

In addition to being a gifted young artist, Alexandra is also a great humanitarian. She gives her art, her heart and her soul to help others. She is truly an inspiration to children and adults alike. It is a pure pleasure to know Alexandra Nechita and to share her gift with people around the world.

Ronald K. Parker, Ph.D.

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